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Our Ministries

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The Whitman United Methodist Church is active in the Whitman community as well as the South Shore and beyond. 



Whitman UMC offers child care during services for infants through early elementary.

Sunday School classes are also offered from September through June each year for elementary through the end of junior high school.

A program for confirmation is also offered for those who are ready to reaffirm the vows of baptism and become mature members of the church.



Whitman UMC offers marriage preparation. Please reach out to Pastor Crystal if you are interested in marriage preparation with your significant other and/or are considering being married in the Whitman United Methodist Church.

Bible Fellowship

Bible Study meets regularly. Please reach out to Pastor Crystal if you are interested in joining!

Mission Trips

Members of the Whitman UMC go on a yearly mission trip, often to underserved areas of the American southeast. If you are interested in participating or supporting a mission trip, please reach out to Pastor Crystal!

Outreach to Homeless

Members of the Whitman United Methodist Church gather winter wear to distribute to those in need in Plymouth County. Jackets, sweaters, gloves, scarves, and other warm clothing are distributed to those in most need.

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